Monday, November 30, 2015

Machu Picchu Day

Michu Picchu, it's the climb!!!!!!! We can really understand why it is one of the seven wonders of the world, it was absolutely breathtaking. Kyla, Bryce, and Rachel sprinted up to the Sun Gate and Kyla possibly tore her PCL. But she climbed up Waynapicchu, so we're pretty sure nothing is actually torn. Speaking of Waynapicchu, the top was the most beautiful thing we have ever seen! We were just amazed at God's beauty and His creation. How do people see this and not believe in His power?! And despite multiple asthma attacks Sarah made it to the top of Waynapiccchu, you go Glen Coco!! On the way down we made some new friends from New Zealand and Portugal, and A-A-Ron discussed gun control laws with the guy from New Zealand, his mind was blown. Kyla is a mountain goat, Rodney (A.K.A. Brownie, because no Peruvian can say Rodney) is the best tour guide ever, and Nicole rolled her ankle about 20 times, we're pretty sure she has no ligaments in her ankles. Everyone was really sad that we didn't get to pet a llama, so close,yet so far. A-A-Ron kept offering Bryce sunscreen, but he thought he was a man and that his skin is not affected by the sun like other mortal men, but he learned the hard way 
that when you play with fire you always get burnt. So another amazing meal at Toto's House! Alpaca is where it's at! It was so good it melted in your mouth. The sauces combined with the alpaca steak created a party in your mouth, a party like the world has never seen. It was invite only. Nicole was very excited when A-A-Ron brought back pumpkin lasagna from the buffet #BasicWhiteGirl. The ceviche (fish cooked in fruit acids like lemon, lime, and pepper) was also awesome! The rest of the day was filled with shopping and train rides and Nicole danced with clown on the train (not by her choice). Rachel's goal was to unfold every blanket in the market, she now has rotator cuff issues. Emma took so many pictures that we're pretty sure she know has carpal tunnel in her trigger finger. When Google crashes because of our drop box for pictures, you can blame Emma. We're on our way to Cusco to do more shopping before making our way back to the US, because Rachel has only bought gifts for herself so far. We are very sad that this is our last day in Peru, and we wish we had more time here. It was such a great a trip and it is something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Praise Jesus!

Machu Picchu Day Pictures

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saturday - Travel Day

Today we left Huyro, finished with the service portion of this adventure. We had our final breakfast with our MMI group and then got on a bus and headed to Ollantaytombo. The 3 hour drive to Ollantaytombo was very beautiful, we literally drove into the clouds! As we drove into the clouds we also found a part of the road that had broken off and had fell away making the the road basically one lane for our giant bus to get through. After arriving in Ollantaytombo we had to say goodbye to all our new friends before loading a train headed to Aguas Calientes. It was another pretty ride through the mountains and along the river. We also found out Bryce is a negotiating fiend and has no soul when it comes to bartering. Also we ate at Chez Maggy, a brick oven pizza joint. It was the best pizza we have ever had! Our eyes were rolled in the back of our heads with a little gasp of air full of complete satisfaction... It was great. It has been nice to finally have consistent hot water, electricity, and wifi that can't be knocked out by rain haha! We look forward to seeing Machu Picchu on Sunday.

P.S. Rodney decided to pay too much for a book about Machu Picchu and that's all he got off the train. A.K.A. No pass port in hand. In an effort to make sure Rodney got all of his belongings, we grabbed all of his stuff along with someone else's bag #GoodTimes

P.P.S. We still have not found the bottom of Bryce's stomach.

Pictures from Saturday

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday's Pictures

Beginning of the End

Today was the beginning of the end. Not only was it our last day in the clinic, but two of our translators and friends (Julia and Alex) left after breakfast this morning (tears may have been shed).  Unfortunately, due to time constraints in the clinic, we were forced to turn away people who needed our help. On the bright side Bryce and A-A-Ron got to give away our wheel chair we brought over, to a man who possibly had cerebral palsy. Everyone in the clinic was putting the patients needs first today by being very flexible and making sure they all got the best care that they could. At the end of the day we had a closing ceremony with the mayor and his possey. The mayor was so overwhelmed with greatfullness towards us that tears were again shed. Tears were not shed however for our lunch, which consisted of duck and guinea pig (O.K. Nicole may have cried about the guinea pig). Anatomical lessons were also learned at lunch. Surprisingly guinea pig and human scapulas are quite similar (pictures to come). We then loaded up the bus, A.K.A. a sardine can on wheels,and headed to Quillabamba for their coffee, tea, and chocolate festival. At the festival friends were made, puppies were petted, and who says white people can't dance, because Rachel, Rodney, A-A-Ron and Nicole sure can. After demonstrating PT skills throughout the week, they were able to display their superior dance skills, much to the delight of the Peruvian crowd. America: 5, Peru: 0. Peru is still up 2-0 in food thanks to our lunch. Festival friends included young teenage girls practicing English, people wanting pictures with us, and a woman whose husband is from Farmington, Missouri!! Aaahhhh what a day! We are all very sad that our time here in Peru is almost up, because there are still so many in need of our assistance, but we thank God for the time He has given us here. Please continue to pray for the people of Peru, because there are so many here still in need of help. We leave you today as we continue our journey home in the sardine can, with sore butts, fist pumps, happy hearts, and more coffee than we can ever drink! 

P.S. Dr. McNeal will not be sleeping the rest of the semester with all the coffee you will have. 

P.P.S. Old Peruvian walking sticks are coming to a clinic near you.

P.P.P.S. Nicole and Kyla almost died and went to Heaven over the cuteness of the puppy. The puppy itself was so excited it piddled, which prompted A-A-Ron to say, 
"Hey! You can't pee there!"

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday's Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving from Peru!

Today was another exciting day because it was wheelchair day!! We got to hand out 11 wheelchairs! The patients that received the wheelchairs were overwhelmed with emotions, tears were shed. The mayor was there and there was a big ceremony with pomp and circumstance. 

In addition, it was also a very emotional day. We expressed how we were all missing family on Thanksgiving but we were ready to commit to serving others. When it came to serving others, we were put to the test today. There were several difficult cases where our patients had conditions outside our scope of care that could be life threatening. We also met people whom we could help if we had more time and resources. It was very difficult to discern what we could realistically give to help these patients. Regardless, in true Peruvian style, our patients were extremely grateful and overwhelmed by what we could do for

For dinner they fixed us a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and we had the best turkey that Peru had to offer. In Turkey cooking: Peru 1, America 0. The mayor, the head priest of the Catholic Church, and the minister of health came and had dinner with us. They even decorated for us with Christmas trees and flashing Christmas lights! In sports news: America 4, Peru 0. After dinner we had a tour of a local home and discovered a fruit that felt like a jiggly water balloon. During our usual nightly ice cream trip we performed an eval on the store owner's shoulders. It was another great day and we're all sad that tomorrow is our last day in the clinic, but we thank God for the time that we have been able to spend here with these people.

P.S. Bryce was finally full for the first time on the trip.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pics from Wednesday

The Jungle

Life in the jungle is pretty amazing... It's just like in the Jungle Book. But back to reality (whoops, there goes gravity) today was an up and down kind of day. 

A couple of us got to help serial cast an 11 year old boy with CP. He was smiling and joking with us the whole time.  Too adorable. 

There was also a kid with  muscular dystrophy, possibly Duchennes. This was really hard to see, especially because he also had a hard family situation. We had to inform his mama about his condition because she had no clue the prognosis, which was difficult. If you could keep him and his mama in your prayers, they could use it greatly. 

On a little bit lighter note, the town drunk came in and fell asleep on the treatment table. We are all getting excited for tomorrow because it's wheelchair day/ceremony day with the mayor. 

After the clinic we got a special tour of an old tea factory that they are renovating. The process was very interesting and we got to try really good tea! (Like really good...)

The team is bonding very well and we are all having a blast! It's about time to sign off, stay classy San Diego. 

The Peru Team

P.S. We are being a being eaten alive by gnats 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday's pics

Report from Tuesday

This is Emma, Nicole, Bryce, and Aaron. Today was another great day! The line today was twice as long as it was yesterday. We are starting to be more comfortable in the clinic setting and were able to see 10 more patients today than we did yesterday. Food is good (Bryce). We were challenged by the local studs to play futbol and America prevailed once again (because we beat them in volleyball the day before). We walked down to the local market to get ice cream where Emma did an impromptu eval on a man with possible shoulder impingement. We can't wait to get back into the clinic tomorrow and see what God has in store for us!!
P.S. The earthquake was 400 miles from our present location. We are all safe and sound. We appreciate the continued prayers and support!