Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Packed and ready for Haiti 2016!

The SBU DPT January 2016 Haiti team had their Bolivar group packing party recently. This team of 12 consists of 1 faculty member (Dr. McNeal), 4 SBU DPT alumni, 3 students (Class of 2016), and 4 non-medical volunteers. We have been abundantly blessed with donations of rehab and evangelistic supplies, and our program is always welcoming more donations for future trips.

This team leaves bright and early on January 1 for Haiti from several locations around the US. All of us will serve for the first week in Carrefour, then 5 of us will stay in Haiti another week to serve in northern Haiti with SBU alums and full-time Haiti missionaries Brett and Angie Bundy.

We will try to blog during the trip, but internet and electricity are luxuries that cannot be counted on in Haiti.  So, please be patient with us.  We will at least try to send word periodically that we are all alive and well.

Please keep us in your prayers for our safe travels, making our connecting flights, and that all of our supplies will arrive with us in Haiti. We look forward to bringing in the New Year with an adventure serving in Haiti!