Friday, July 7, 2017

Haiti July 6, 2017

Today, it was awesome to see everyone hitting their groove and serving in a selfless way. The morning began with seeing follow-up patients at the clinic as well as teaching some back pain patients ways to manage their pain and exercises to help with strengthening . Some of us spent all morning and some of the afternoon helping to fit a young boy in a wheelchair and braces, which was awesome because before his mom was carrying him everywhere. In the afternoon, a group returned to a local orphanage/home for the people of Carrefour with disabilities. It was definitely hard to see the various impairments and living environment they face each day, but they live with so much joy and care for each other deeply. A few others did a home visit for a women living near the clinic. Overall, it was a powerful day to see and experience God's powerful love and strength throughout the day. Often it seems easy to approach a short terms trip with a mindset of coming to pour out everything knowing you get to return to a comfortable home. However, it's a beautiful thing to invest with a long term mindset and seek to love and relate to the Haitian people as new found friends.

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